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Federal Firearms Offenses

Federal weapon or gun charges typically involve the unlawful possession, use, and the sale of firearms and other deadly weapons. The majority of federal gun or weapons charges involve people who have felony convictions. Other common federal weapons cases involve buying firearms for another person, known as a “straw purchase”. Robinson Law Office can assist you in cases involving any federal firearms crimes or violations.


Drug Offenses

Federal drug crimes typically involve possession with the intent to distribute narcotics, actual distribution of narcotics or other dangerous drugs and conspiracy to commit any of those crimes.  Federal drug crimes involve some of the harshest penalties.  Depending upon the amount of drugs were involved, a person can face up to a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years up to life imprisonment.


Sex Crimes

Federal sex crimes typically involve possession, receipt, distribution or creation of images of minors engaged in “sexually explicit conduct.” Other federal sex crimes involve individuals persuading or attempting to persuade a minor to engage in sexual conduct, forcing an adult or causing or forcing a minor to engage in prostitution. These crimes are some of the most serious of the federal crimes. Having taken several of these cases to trial, Ms. Robinson is well versed in the applicable law and potential penalties if convicted. The consequences for convictions of these crimes are steep and increase substantially if a person has a prior conviction for the same or similar conduct. Additionally, prior, unproven allegations of same or similar conduct can increase the recommended sentence under the United States Sentencing guidelines at, or beyond the statutory maximum penalty under federal law. Robinson Law Office can assist you in cases involving any federal sex crimes or violations.


Immigration Crimes

Federal immigration charges typically involve a person who is not a United States citizen reentering the country after they have been previously deported, without permission from federal authorities. The person is typically found in the United States and evidence of their prior deportation has been recorded by immigration officials. Depending on the person’s prior criminal record, they could face up to 20 years in prison if they are convicted.
Other immigration crimes include making false statements in legal documents to assist others to gain entry or citizenship into the United States. Robinson Law Office can assist you in cases involving any federal immigration crimes or violations.


Federal Probation and Supervised Release Violations

After a person serves a federal prison sentence, he or she is placed on a term of supervised release for a number of years.  If the person is not sent to prison, they may be placed on probation for a term of years.  If a person is placed on Federal Supervised Release or Federal Probation, the person is assigned a probation officer from the Federal Probation Department and is required to follow certain rules or terms of supervision.  If the individual does not comply with the terms, the probation officer my file a petition to revoke their term of supervision and request the federal judge to sentence them to prison.  Often, people violate the terms of their supervision because they struggle with substance abuse and with finding housing or employment.  Ms. Robinson has represented many people charged with violating the terms of their supervision and has worked with her clients, their officers and the court with finding a solution to help the person succeed on supervision.

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Barshaunda Robinson was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 2007. Ms. Robinson worked for the Mohave County Public Defender’s Office from 2007 until 2012. In 2014, Ms. Robinson joined the Federal Public Defender’s Office in Columbus, Ohio. As an Assistant Federal Public Defender, Ms. Robinson defended hundreds of clients in federal court in the Southern District of Ohio. Cases include drug trafficking crimes, weapons possession charges, including felon in possession of a firearm and firearm trafficking crimes, child pornography offenses, immigration crimes, and fraud crimes including money laundering and tax evasion. In 2018, she formed her law firm, Robinson Law Office. Ms. Robinson limits her practice to defending state and federal criminal charges in the Oho state courts and the United States Federal Court for the Southern District of Ohio.


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